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Y! List?

Okay, once again I'm flaunting my impatience. X3; I made a list for the Bloody Roar RP, it's here:

It's not fancy yet, and I'm not quite sure how to set it up: Maybe before we start we should see who joins and then divide up canon characters, and post character sheets for our OCs in the 'files' section?

I'm just going touch-and-go here. ^^;; I've never done RP by mailing list before, but it seems like a sound enough concept. If this doesn't work for anyone, let me know. We can always just go to something else. (I promise I wont cry. XP =3)

If this does work however, anyone let me know if they wanna be mods. oO; I certainly don't mind handing over the authority. As long as we all play nice, who runs the other stuff doesn't matter to me. =3

Anyway, this is mostly to kick up dust about the RP again, and ask if anyone wanted to throw some plot ideas around or anything.
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