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Two things: overexcitement, and insulted amusement

Is it possible to be amused and affronted at the same time? *Snrk* I don't know if anyone has ever seen the Fighter Mania website, just found it today, myself. Thier take on BR is not exactly flattering- I found the entry on Fox most amusing.

The other thing- A BR RP was mentioned, which makes me all overexcited like I've had too much coffee, and I'm afraid if I don't harp on it, it'll get lost in the shuffle. (What's awesome is there's been a shuffle around here for it to get lost in lately.) So I'm asking, (and forgive me for sounding bossy or like I'm taking charge here.) who wants in, and what everyone's preffered mode (AIM, LJ, Ect.) of RP would be?
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