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The Fur Debate - Freaky, pathetic, stupid or just...ugh?

I'm going to put an lj-cut here, I have no idea how long I'd ramble see @_@

Basically, I was just thinking of starting a wee discussion ^^ Go me!

Anyway, we all know that Bloody Roar characters are under the realistic anthro category, as opposed to the...'furry' category, which is basically cartoony people with animal heads that interest me in a creepy way much like Grissom in an episode of CSI.

So, what are your thoughts of the 'furries' and the 'realies'? Personally, I CAN'T stand furries. I mean, bad enough they are cute, but the fact they all look so humanoid is obviously reflecting the weird orientations of their human creators. Nothing says desperate as a furry in human clothes IMHO. Realistic ones just remind me of werewolfs, and half-way enlightened creatures in Chinese mythology and such, you know?

That's my two-cents, please send in your own nickels ^^ (oh GOD that was lame @_@)
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Well... its hard to say.
Personally I think.. all to their own. True there was a point where the furry fandom freaked me out (true they still do.. people who dress up and "yiff" XD I saw that CSI ep with the furrs.. ugh) but what I don't like- I don't look at or meddle in.
I mean, Sonic the hedgehog was a real big fandom I got into. Hell, thats where my username NeoFox comes from.. my first real original characters were my furries.
It would be hypocritical of me to cringe at the romantic side of furrs being the owner of sonicslash on lj-- but its the romantic side and not the "yiff" that interests me. Sonic and Sally were a big OTP back in my day.. but it was the emotion not sex that did it.
As for anthros-- erm... same thing I suppose. It depends on characters really... I suppose I rather see two human characters of BR snog than the animals-- but all to their own.

I unno.. its hard to say. It's a debate that's been goin on for a long time :P
XD and I guess when it comes down to it I'm a hypocrit with most of my opinions... it just depends, ya know.

/end ramblings
Actually I'm a bit of a furry myself. ^^; In the sense that I like the creatures, though not so much in the sense of an alternate liftsyle... like fursuiters. Furries don't all have big heads and look cute, you know.

Personally I don't think that a character's appearance matters nearly as much as their personality. If you can create a character with a realistic personality that people can identify with that's all that counts. Hell, I can identify with an animal that has enough personality, so what difference does and human/animal hybird make?

In all honesty I think that zoanthrope/lycanthrope beast forms are just like furries on steriods. The muscle, and maybe some of their powers, are the only real difference.
That's not true of lycanthropian beast forms. What I meant by realistic was not referring to ONLY the Bloody Roar style. The Bloody Roar style is semi-realistic as they tend to lean in on the human aspect more than the beast aspects. The human form is there, just switch the heads, add claws and the fur, and also the muscles.

But look at Diablo II's Druid werewolf form! It's very realistic and my personal favourite form of lycanthrope. Instead of being overly muscular, it's in fact very lean and resembles the form of thin wolf but with the broader chest of a man. The limbs were lengthened so that the werewolf stopps over onto it's 'arms' when running, making it look like a loping wolf. The back legs are highly angular and swing back before swining frontal and joining up to the thigh. Definitely a much more realistic approach to the lycanthrope form, or simply choosing to lean on the animal side more than the human side.

If I can get a clear picture, I'll post it up next time.
Okay, found a picture.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Oh, yeah I see. That does look pretty awesome. ^^
So lycanthropian beast forms are different than zoanthropes then? I had no idea. ^^; I don't know all that much about them, honestly, only that I've heard them mentioned before. I've never seen a picture though, so if you could find one I'd really appreciate it.

Deleted comment


I'll be sure to come to you if I have any more questions, I can see that you've researched the topic very well. I bow to your expertise! ♥

It is kind of strange the way they use the term 'zoanthrope' in BR. It's sort of like they were trying to change the name around and give it a different meaning. Then again I could see the need for creating a term for them, since none of the others quite seem to fit. The BR characters certainly aren't anthromorphs or lycanthropes in the truest sense of the from, nor do they resemble Egyptian Gods. Hence another term was necessary.

I still say that out of the many different forms and terms for me, Bloody Roar style zoanthropes are my favorite. Lycanthropes are very intersting though. I've always had a casual interest in werewolves. Never researched them though, as you can tell!
I always thought that Hudson mix-matched the word 'zoanthrope' by using the word 'thrope' from lycanthrope, and then taking 'zo' from 'zoo' and 'an' from 'animal' and putting them together like that o_0
Yeah, I'd thought so too. I'd never expected to find the term anyway. Not like I tried looking though. ^^;
Lycanthropic only refers to the wereWOLF form, as the root Greek word 'lykoi' means 'wolf' and 'anthropes' means 'man'.

To give a brief history on the earliest recorded instance of the werewolf idea, in Arcadia (a region in ancient Greece, during the time when the Olympian religion was still paramount and therefore before-christ and more), a region plagued by wolves, there was a cult of the Wolf-Zeus. Mt. Lycaeus was the scene of a yearly gathering at which the priests were said to prepare a sacrificial feast that included meat mixed with human parts. According to legend, whoever tasted it became a wolf and could not turn into a man unless he abstained from human flesh for nine years. There was a king who was also called Lykano or some deriviation of the word Lycaeus, who himself tasted the flesh and was doomed to be cursed as a wolf for nine years. I have a more complete explanation of the story in my 'History of the Werewolf' book (this particular book is absolutely excellent in describing just about every single instance of human-animal transformation in every religion/time period/region in the world, VERY detailed)

Zoanthropy itself in the dictionary means 'delusion of a person who believes himself changed into an animal'. Actually, I was surprised it WAS a real word cos I thought that it was a word created by Hudson o_0 Also therefore, a zoanthrope is NOT one who transforms into animals, he just THINKS he transformed into any animal.

In fact, the Bloody Roar characters should NOT be called zoanthropes (unless they and we are insane 0-0) but are in fact a different kind of transforming anthropes called Theriomorphs. As written in the dictionary, a theriomorph is 'a shapeshifter; a being who can assume an animal as well as a human form.' This word is also used to describe certain gods, such as Chinese gods who often can change to just about any form at will.

There are also different terms used to describe animals with human characteristics, and humans with animal characteristics (interestingly enough, these two forms of transformation are very different). Anthromorphs are technically animals given human characteristics and not the other way around, kinda like Sonic the Hedgehog ^^ The other kind, with humans given animal characteristics, refer to something like the Egyptian gods who had animal heads. I just can't remember what the term is right now.

If you have any other questions on the whole human-animal transformation thing, just ask me ^^ I'm a closet student of such things, and I study all the different kinds of morphing with a passion. Though I would like to highly point out, I'M NOT SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY THINKS I MORPH. I just like to study it ^^

Old topic, but oh well :p

I am a part of the furry fandom, so I'll throw my two cents in (no, I'm not going to try and "justify it. Think as you please.) At first, you said "furries" vs. "realies", which while not technical terms or anything just seems to be the wrong words to me. Perhaps it'd just be reffered to differently elsewhere, but to me it should be toony/chibi/super deformed rather than "furries." A considerable amount of people in the fandom prefer realistic animals, so it seems like an innacurate generalization.

Personally, I don't care too much whether it's more on the realistic side or toonish side, although I'd rather it not lean too far to either side (Yes, not even too far to the realistic side, such as in that Diablo pic). I'm quite content with the way the Bloody Roar characters are done as is.

I have to compliment you on some of your research there. Kudos. And on a final side note, you probably shouldn't take the furry episode of CSI too seriously. Hehe. That was blown way out of proportion, IMO.