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Throat Slashers, Inc.

I love the smell of blood on a moonlit night.

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I love Bloody Roar. I especially love the way Bloody Roar looks into my eyes and tells me it loves me. I think someday we shall get married. Because I love Bloody Roar, and it loves me.

If you love BR as well, feel free to join the community~ Zany hijinks abound! But please follow these few simple rules (which are subject to change as necessary):

1. Be courteous/respectful to other members at all times, even if you disagree with them. You can have debates, as long as it doesn't turn into name-calling, flaming, bashing, or the like. (Also note that any posts falling into the aforementioned categories will be deleted without notice.)

2. Stay on topic as much as possible. An occasional tangent or two is acceptable, but please don't make a habit of it. (Excessive off-topic posts will also be deleted without notice.)

3. Promoting BR-related sites is fine, as long as it isn't in excessive amounts. Promoting non-BR sites requires the permission of the community's administration.

4. Do NOT bring any coupling wars in here.

There is a general Three Strike System in effect for this community. If you exceed three offenses, you will no longer be allowed into the community. However, we reserve the right to remove you from the community if you commit some heinous "crime." So don't. Because we love you, and we want you to join us. :3

If you have any comments/questions/problems, feel free to contact your local mod, chronomatic.
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