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Hey guys! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. In an attempt to rouse some life into this little community, I come here with a question, and a fic plug.

My question: what do you think is the ratio of humans to zoanthropes in the Bloody Roar realm? Are there more humans, or more zoanthropes, and what effect does that have on their relationship of coexistence?

I personally think there are more humans than zoanthropes, seeing as the ZLF was essentially in existence to empower the zoanthrope presence. I guess if the zoanthropes were already in power, then there probably wouldn't be many humans around anymore... ^^0 But then again, it seems strange that the zoanthropes, small number as they may be, would let the humans discriminate against them and push them around. Zoanthropes, after all, have a lot more power and a deadly ability to rise to a position of importance. (And I must admit that the relationship between humans and zoanthropes reminds me of the situation with humans and mutants in X-Men...)

Anyway, those are my thoughts. What do the rest of you think?

The fic plug: for fans of Kenji, or more specifically, his Bakuryu persona in BRII, I bring a fanfiction that is a twist on the Bloody Roar II storyline. It's a long, dark, and rather intricate story, but fans of angst will definitely adore the atmosphere. If anyone is interested, the link to the story at FanFiction.Net is listed below (and please review if you read ^^).

Summary of the story: A plot twist to the Bloody Roar II storyline; two years after the Zoanthrope Liberation Front started up and the leader had slain Yugo Ohgami, Hajime Busuzima and his henchmen reign in the present day. A small band of zoanthropes resist the terrorist attacks, including Alan Gado, his wife Jenny, their daughter Shina, Long Shin, and Alice Nonomura. But their task will not prove easy, as all the members of the ZLF, along with two skilled assassins, stand in their way, and one is about to get close to a certain family member of the renegade bunch.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Peace and love,
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