Neo Fox (neofox) wrote in bloody_roar,
Neo Fox

BR OC fanarts II

I posted my Panda boy-- since I finished the inking of my rat girl I thought I might. Brings a whole new definition to the term "lab rat". She was my first real BR fanchar.. though her first designs rightiously sucked major butt. She was much younger, like.. a toddler.. I thought I might as well make her a bit older.

XD It's pretty simple: she was one of the experimence at the Talon Corp.. Number 95 as you can see. She wasn't exactly a successful experiment-- she has the mind of a rat and is a child on top of that.
She doesn't exactly have a name (I don't think they bothered) -- they prolly just called her NumNinetyfive or Nine Five.

^^ Any input or comments greatly appriciated!
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