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The Fur Debate - Freaky, pathetic, stupid or just...ugh?

I'm going to put an lj-cut here, I have no idea how long I'd ramble see @_@

Basically, I was just thinking of starting a wee discussion ^^ Go me!

Anyway, we all know that Bloody Roar characters are under the realistic anthro category, as opposed to the...'furry' category, which is basically cartoony people with animal heads that interest me in a creepy way much like Grissom in an episode of CSI.

So, what are your thoughts of the 'furries' and the 'realies'? Personally, I CAN'T stand furries. I mean, bad enough they are cute, but the fact they all look so humanoid is obviously reflecting the weird orientations of their human creators. Nothing says desperate as a furry in human clothes IMHO. Realistic ones just remind me of werewolfs, and half-way enlightened creatures in Chinese mythology and such, you know?

That's my two-cents, please send in your own nickels ^^ (oh GOD that was lame @_@)
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